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“We hand made each premium wedding Qipao and Chinese Wedding Dress for your family. Custom made and heavy silk. Hand-embroider your family story on the dress and pass it on for generations”

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Had such a great experience working with Madam Shanghai on creating a custom Chinese qipao! Madam Shanghai designed such a beautiful qipao for my mother in law to wear on my wedding day. They were extremely communicative, professional, and amazing people to work with. My mother in law looked amazing in her dress and I cannot thank Madam Shanghai enough for making such a high quality, stunning qipao for my big day!

NFL Champion, Taylor & Dani Rapp

My dearest grandma insisted on wearing cheongsam in our all white suburb all the time because she was so proud of her culture. My grandmother is smiling from far above to see I am wearing mine.

Award-Winning Journalist & Producer, Lisa Ling

I am thrilled to share the story of Madam Shanghai, a brand that embodies the creativity, resilience and cultural richness of our community. This brand was founded by two incredible women, Grace Pei and Vincy Zhou, who have poured their hearts and souls into building a special space that celebrates our cultural heritage. Their dedication to preserving the traditions of Qipao and passing it onto the next generation is truly admirable. Madam Shanghai is a shining example of the power of AAPI entrepreneurship and creativity.

Co-Founder Mendocino Farm, Ellen Chen

I wore this beautiful Qipao to Unforgettable Gala in 2022. My favorite elements of my Qipao are the craftsmanship and the care. The level of care you can feel it when you wear the Qipao. I grew up in Southeast Asian, and my family is from Malaysia. Coming to the US and seeing the culture is not front and centered, kind of affecting the Asian Americans perspective of ourselves. It is the wonderful time now that we get to celebrate and honor our culture, and share our new takeaways to the new world.

Crazy Rich Asians Screenwriter, Adele Lim

I wanted to give my daughter a wedding gift that relates to our culture and is something she can treasure in the future, so we decided to make her a Qipao. Not only is the quality of silk gorgeous, the embroidery of the peonies are amazing. I said to Grace that it's not only a dress, it’s also an art piece! We both love our dresses and received lots of compliments from our wedding guests. They were not only eye catching but also demonstrated the bonding between mom and daughter.

A Proud Mother, Ching M.

I wore a custom Qipao made from Madam Shanghai to the biggest attorney association gala in Vegas. A group of us have tried on different cultural attires from different stores and online retailers. From the moment I tried on this Qipao, it is night and day from what I had experienced before. I wish I could have the time to go back to my wedding to make one.

Lipp Smith LLP Partner, Celene C.


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