Design Your Own

Petite, plus size, or any body shapes in between - we design custom Qipao dresses for all shapes and sizes based on your proportions.
Choose your preferred neckline, fabric, shape, color, auspicious symbols for embroideries and any unique customizations - we’ll provide a sketch of your dream Cheongsam, followed by a muslin fitting.
Our process allows you to get exactly what you want, and have fun while you’re at it.

Meet Our Designer Grace Pei

What happens when you get to design your dream Qipao that honors your heritage and family with expert design guidance of 20 years experience?
You get a dress that can tell the story of you and your family.
Our mission is to create a heirloom piece that you can proudly wear and show to your next generation. Our process is inclusive & transparent: any questions or concerns will be taken care of during the process.

Flexible Pricing

One-on-one consultations, private in store try-ons, highly-qualified design guidance, and exceptional quality dresses.
We use premium silk fabrics, with hand trim and hand embroideries. Price will depends on the level of embroideries and the designs of the base dress.
We also offer:
- Mother and daughter package
- Couple matching outfit package
- Bride outfit and accessories package
Groom outfit and accessories package